176. From Baking Passion to Multi-Six Figure Business

Studio 78: Ignite Your Passion, Amplify Productivity, Achieve Success

Aug 27 2023 • 52 mins

Joining us this week on the Studio 78 Podcast is Jen Morris, the co-founder of Morris School of Business and Financial Freedom and former co-owner of Cupcakeology—a multi-six-figure cupcake business.

Jen Morris went from baking lover to multi-six-figure cupcake business owner to impactful business coach. In this podcast episode, Jen shares the origin story of her cupcake company, the power of branding and press coverage, overcoming adversity and bankruptcy, and transitioning to coaching entrepreneurs.

Listeners will learn Jen's insights on continuous learning, avoiding overconfidence traps, and maintaining financial freedom while growing a business. Her inspiring story of determination, innovation, and adaptability provides invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Show Notes: NacheSnow.com/176

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