Navigating a Resurrection

Matthew Rigby, Ronnie Zerr

Navigating a Resurrection is series of conversations about life, after. Life those events that divide our lives into "before" and "after". After a loss of faith. After a family members' death. After the end of a relationship. After the kids move out. We tend to think of life, death and resurrection as a foreign, strange and uniquely religious concept. But what if it was a growth process? What if parts of us are dying, and being resurrected every day? No one comes out of great love, or great tragedy the same. We remain utterly and completely ourselves, and yet we are not who we once were. These are human stories. These are resurrections. Let's talk about it.

S1E6 - The Unwanted Gift
Jun 24 2022
S1E6 - The Unwanted Gift
Episode Notes Thank you for listening to Navigating a Resurrection, conversations that witness the beauty, wisdom and hope of a new life. Our deepest thanks to our guest, and friend, Randy. You can find Randy on Instagram: and on Twitter: talked about in this episode (oh, so many!) include: Ken Wilber (and specifically his book "A Theory of Everything"), Rob Bell (and specifically his book "Love Wins" and podcast "Robcast"), Richard Rohr (our conversation didn't focus on any of Rohr's specific books, but his teaching on the cyclical nature of life, death and resurrection is clearly laid out in his most recent book "The Universal Christ" and he discusses these concepts at length in the Center for and Contemplation's (brilliant) podcast, "Another Name for Everything"), Diana Buttler Bass (her theory of 'Elevator Theology' is outlined in her book "Grounded"), Brian McLaren's "Faith After Doubt" (a book I was not familiar with during our recording, and am now currently enamoured with - if you enjoy any of our discussions about the necessity of doubt and deconstruction/reconstruction, McLaren's book is an absolute must read). Music Credit at the beginning is “Move” by Tom Goldstein, music at the end here is “Deep Ambient” by Coma-Media. Both songs are copyright free. You can find all episodes on (From that website, you can full episodes, and Matt and Ronnie’s online contact info). You can also follow this podcast on Instagram: love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider sharing or reviewing this podcast (especially on apple devices). It really does help this podcast reach a larger audience. Until next time friends. Keep exploring. We’ll find our way, together.