Top 5 movie cars

Automovie Podcast

Jul 1 2024 • 1 hr 13 mins

Chris and Marty list their top 5 favourite cars in movies, discuss why they haven't seen two fo the biggest films of the summer yet, and Marty declares that rubbin' is racin' after watching NASCAR: Full Speed on Netflix.

But first, Youtube have upped the stakes in their war on ad-blockers by introducing adverts in line to videos. James May has recorded his last piece of voice over for the Grand Tour, says next special is out in September, and that is probably it for him in the car world. The F1 movie will be out June 2025! Marty has watched NASCAR: Full Speed on Netflix and rates it highly as a gateway to a world of racing he knew little about.

For our main discussion this episode, we follow The Smoking Tire podcast in our top 5 movie character cars!

In 'What has Henry Catchpole been upto this week?' the Gordon Murray T.50 meets its spiritual predecessor, the McLaren F1. A great film that changed our minds on the T.50.

Our episode picks lost all discipline this month, as Autoalex has picked up the cheapest - and possible worst - Ferrari 360 that Jeremy Clarkson once sat in. Equally the Top Dead Centre boys bought a very cheap, Max Power-era show car which can with interesting mods and even more interesting merch. However at the other end of the scale Horsepower Hunters went in-depth on the HWA 190 Evo not restomod in glorious nerdy detail!

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