Impossible Missions: The Finale (for now!)

Automovie Podcast

Nov 11 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

We're back! After an impromptu hiatus, we return to review the final film (for now) in the Mission Impossible series, 2018's Mission Impossible: Fallout. In other news, we discuss the end of Carfection (sob), I go off on a tangent about why LEGO Batman is the best Batman and both of us try to remember how to do this podcast-about-cars-in-films-and-on-TV-and-the-internet thing. You've missed us, right?

But first Keanu Reeves is becoming quite the motorsport film maker, as he's now attached to a documentary about the WRC. Carfection has quietly published its last video as CNET has decided to close a number of its video channels. And the Motor Film Awards has announced its 2022 winners!

Since the last episode we've been watching The Grand Tour's Scandi Flick, Chris has seen tech YouTube getting into cars with LTT and MKBHD and Marty has been thoroughly enjoying Mighty Car Mods STI swapping a Levorg!

To finish up our Mission Impossible run, we discuss Mission Impossible: Fallout and what the franchise means for car movies more widely.

This episode we both What Has Henry Catchpole Been Upto? and also where, as Carfection winds down, but Henry launches his Hagerty career with a Mk1 Escort.

Our Youtube picks this week are heavy on photographer-extrodinaire Larry Chen. Chris went with Larry's video about the mastermind behind RWB (also for Hagerty) and the Last Lap Podcast as the channel pick, while Marty chose Larry talking to Patrick Long about Luftgekühlt and the continuing excellent of Jason Cammisa's channel.

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