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UCLouvain Hors série, ce sont des podcasts inédits produits par notre communauté universitaire !

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Meet Michael E. Mann
Apr 1 2022
Meet Michael E. Mann
« Why are lies spreading more efficiently than truths? Are there limits to academic freedom? Do we need more IPCC reports? How to take distance when your work is undermined by large-scale organized disinformation campaigns? In this 1-hr podcast, we meet Michael E Mann, who receives the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Université catholique de Louvain in 2022. A must-listen podcast to get to know one of the world's leading scientist and public figure in the climate change debate, who also reflects more largely on how science works" Hosted by François Massonnet François Massonnet is a F.R.S.-FNRS Research Associate and part-time lecturer at the Université catholique de Louvain. He works on topics related to climate variability and predictability on seasonal to interannual time scales with a focus on polar regions. https://uclouvain.be/en/discover/events/2022-honorary-doctorates-the-fragility-of-truth.html References cited by Michael Mann: Sagan, C. (1997). The demon-haunted world: Science as a candle in the dark (Ballantine Books ed). Ballantine Books.Robinson, K. S. (2020). The ministry for the future (First edition). Orbit.Gould, S. J. (1992). The panda’s thumb: More reflections in natural history (W. W. Norton&Company)Ghosh, A. (2016). The Great Derangement (Penguin Books LTD).Kuhn, T. S. (2012). The structure of scientific revolutions (Fourth edition). The University of Chicago Press.Johnson, A. E., & Wilkinson, K. K. (Eds.). (2020). All we can save: Truth, courage, & solutions for the climate crisis (First edition). One World.