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Disconnection… in the Communications Age?
Jun 21 2023
Disconnection… in the Communications Age?
Even though civilizations have always urbanized and made some part of their lives indoors, in the past three decades we have shifted the way societies settle, produce, consume, and interact which has triggered a massive disconnection from the natural world. For the first time in history, most people live in cities with the trend toward urbanization going up. Our education models, urban planning, and social values highlight achievement in the human-made world rather than cultivating an appreciation for nature. Today, we are more disconnected from nature than we were a century ago, and this disconnection is one of the proposed root causes of unsustainability. The concept of nature has shrunk in our collective imagination and cultural conversation. We spend most of our time indoors, engaged with screens and gadgets, living a fast-paced life centered on immediate satisfaction. Life has become more comfortable indoors, so it's easy to become satisfied and forget the beauty and benefits of the natural world. The truth is that our bonding with nature nurtures us in every possible way and we have never been so in need of a healthy planet to ensure our own well-being and prosperity. Join us to understand the reasons for our disconnection from nature in this age of communications and what are the consequences of this increasing disconnection. There are things YOU can do to reconnect and be mindful of how you use digital technology. It is all about rediscovering the benefits that the natural world and being mindful of your time have to offer.