Episode #5 – John Kawola from Boston Micro Fabrication

ARVR Magazine Podcast

Mar 30 2021 • 24 mins

In Episode #5 of the AR/VR Magazine Podcast, we interview John Kawola, who is the CEO of Boston Micro Fabrication, which is a manufacturer of micro 3D printers. John talks about BMF’s patented 3D printing technology called Projection Micro Stereolithography or PULSE, as well as various applications for Micro 3D Printing for the immersive technology hardware industry.

Show Notes

Today’s Sponsor

This episode is sponsored by Boston Micro Fabrication. Learn about applications for Micro 3D Printing for the world of AR/VR and how it’s a method for producing various micro-precision components as an alternative to traditional fabrication methods.

For more information about BMF, please go to www.bmf3d.com

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