人类研究所 - 佳琛是不是一个成功的人?


Aug 12 2022 • 48 mins

浩哲给佳琛准备了一期惊喜节目。他偷偷采访了佳琛的老婆Liz和他的双胞胎姐姐。如果你喜欢人类,你肯定会喜欢通过这一期特别节目来进一步的了解佳琛和所爱他的一些人。 ------------------------- 节目怎么样?有什么想说的么? https://memo.fm/qingwa (点一下给我们留个语音呗)! 说不定节目上就能听到自己的声音! ------------------------- 链接啥的https://mianbao.fm/podcast/qingwa (订阅井底之挖!) https://www.mianbao.fm (Mianbao.FM) 官网; 关注MianbaoFM的 https://www.facebook.com/mianbaofm (FB) 关注主播微博:https://weibo.com/u/2893211751 (@叫我浩哲吧) 互动/评论/吐槽/分享anything:mianbaofm@outlook.com 时间轴01:39 - 给佳琛热身一下 04:04 - 惊喜#1:看看佳琛的老婆Liz有多了解他 11:21 - 惊喜#2:Liz用中文讲他们第一次约会的故事 (原文+翻译都在下面,感谢谷歌翻译🙏) 20:10 - 惊喜#3:游戏来了!佳琛有多了解Liz呢? 31:09 - 惊喜#4:双胞胎姐姐爆料佳琛小时候啥样 Jason & Liz的第一次约会故事:中文版: 关于佳琛,你们要知道一些事情。佳琛非常擅长做计划和组织旅行。他也很甜美体贴,凡事都把我放在第一位。所以在计划我们的第一次约会时,他首先问我想做什么,然后他想办法让这件事实现成最理想的结果。 当时我们住在盐湖城,我对这个地区有点陌生。我想做一些有趣又独特的事情。所以我打开了该地区的 facebook 活动页面,看看有什么有趣的东西。我发现盐湖城北边有一个农场正在举办“婴儿羊驼日”活动,在那里你可以去看羊驼,跟它们玩并了解有关它们的知识。还有一些展览介绍如何使用羊驼毛,还有礼品店。 我喜欢看动物,特别是小动物,所以我就跟他说这是我可能想做的事情。我不知道他会怎么想,因为这有点独特,但他想做我想做的事情,所以他答应让这件事实现。他不知道羊驼是什么,我们查到的中文翻译感觉有点奇怪,但他能感觉到我很想去,所以他还是表示很兴奋。 所以,当日去羊驼农场的时候,我玩的开心死了,对所有那些动物特比好奇。这对他来说是一个很好的经验,他的收获很大,因为他了解到了,当我对一个东西特别感兴趣的时候,我会跟小孩子一样兴奋起来。幸运的是,佳琛认为我这样很可爱而不是很奇怪。我们结婚后,有一天我特别难过,他说:“我知道我们需要做什么。”然后他带我去了动物园。所以这次羊驼事件可能是他了解我的基础。 回到第一次约会那天,我们最后离开农场回家,然后他在我的公寓那儿给我做了中国菜。我记得他做了三道菜,具体是什么我忘了。还在做的时候,他拿出了一个西红柿,我不得不跳过去解释说我对西红柿过敏了,然后他改变了计划,以避用西红柿。他再也没有忘记关于我的这件事情。 然后,我们一起在我的沙发上看了一部电影: Cloud Atlas。这是我最喜欢的电影之一,但有点长。我记得佳琛表示喜欢这部电影,但并没有被它迷住。他只是对我很感兴趣,想更多地了解我喜欢什么。 他在约会结束时给我亲了一个,说晚安,然后我们自从那一时刻,到现在,到永远,都爱上了彼此。佳琛一直都喜欢我所喜欢的东西,也因我的奇怪性格或习惯或收藏的东西而更欣赏我。 Liz写的原文: So some things you should know about Jiachen. Jiachen is super good at planning things and organizing trips. He is also very sweet and considerate, and in all things he puts me first. So in planning our first date, he asked me first what I wanted to do and then he looked for ways to make that the best possible thing. We were living in Salt Lake City at the time, and I was sort of new to the area. I wanted to do something fun but unique. So I opened up the facebook events page for the area and looked for anything that might be interesting. There was this farm just north of Salt Lake that was putting on a ‘Baby Alpaca Days’ event where you could go and see the alpacas and meet them and learn stuff about them. There were little presentations about how to use alpaca fur and a gift shop at the end. I love going to look at animals and baby animals is just like the top of animal viewing possibilities, so I suggested that this was something I might like to do. I didn’t know what he’d think about that, since it was a little unique, but he wanted to do whatever I wanted to do so he promised to make it happen. He didn’t know what an alpaca was and the Chinese word isn’t great, but since I seemed very excited about this idea he was for it. So we went to the alpaca farm during the day and I was super excited about all the animals. It was a good demonstration for him about how I respond to things I am excited about, because I basically devolve into a small child. Luckily, Jiachen thinks that is cute instead of weird. One time after we were married, I was having a hard time and he said, “I know what we need to do.” and then he took me to the zoo. So this Alpaca event was probably foundational in his understanding of me. Then we went home, and he cooked Chinese food at my apartment. He cooked three dishes but I can’t actually remember what they were. I remember he pulled out a tomato and I had to jump in and explain that I was allergic and then he shifted his plans to avoid the tomato. He never forgot that information again. Then after, we watched Cloud Atlas on my couch together. This is one of my favorite movies but it’s kind of long. I remember he liked it but wasn’t enthralled by it. He just was very interested in me and wanting to know more about what I liked. He kissed me goodnight at the end of the date and then we were basically in love forever. He considered all my quirks and collections to be endearing.

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