Check Your Privilege


Privilege is defined “as special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste.” Check Your Privilege is an invitation to check our individual collusion within the interlocking systems of oppression. The systems of imperialists, capability, and white supremacy patriarchy block us from being in true co-conspiratorhip. This podcast is not focused on the cultural phenomenon known as "white privilege," as any one person can have the experiences of both privilege and marginalization.  Privilege does not mean that you don’t have hardships. It means that the hardships you experience have nothing to do with your privileged identities. We’re taking an intersectional approach looking at the nuances of racial, economic, class, gender, ability, neuro-diversity, mental health, and more.  Together, we’ll venture into conversions to unlearn and relearn what it means to heal our way forward, challenge the status-quo, and be better together. read less

Our Editor's Take

Check Your Privilege is a great short-form podcast for all kinds of listeners. Today's world is fast-paced and interconnected. Everyone must learn how to live together in harmony. Many times, this starts with checking one's privilege.

The podcast's host is Myisha T. Hill. She is an author, activist, life coach, and entrepreneur. There is no better person to talk about the subjects covered in this podcast than Hill. The advocate for social justice has a soothing voice that transports and calms. The host speaks about her stand on mental health activism, socioeconomic liberation, and legacy. Every listener will learn more about white privilege. This podcast encourages all people to come together as individuals in the collective.

Listeners can expect raw discussions about microaggressions, privilege, and intersectionality. The podcast also includes episodes on ethnicity, healthcare injustices, and marginalization. This educational podcast is suitable for all ages.

What is the cause and cure for racism? How can campuses and social media become safer and more inclusive? Does speaking English as a first language bring more privilege? Listeners will find the answers to these questions and more on Check Your Privilege podcast. All episodes of this podcast are available to stream on Amazon Music now.

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