The AdCast Podcast 74 - Making Food Famous with Olaf van Gerwen of Chuck Studios

Going Forward

Jan 11 2023 • 54 mins

Olaf van Gerwen is the co-founder and Global Creative Director of Chuck  Studios, the world’s first and only global food advertising specialist  headquartered in Amsterdam, with branches in Los Angeles, Moscow and  London. Before starting Chuck Studios, he filmed and directed over 600  commercials in 30+ countries for which he won multiple Lions, Epica’s  and Effies.

Chuck Studios is where food goes to get famous. High speed shooting,  computer controlled robotics and complex special effects are put to work  to deliver mouth watering images. Over the years Chuck Studios has  added strategy to its offering. It currently helps food brands around  the world develop their Culinary Identity: a strategy that turns food  into distinctive brand assets by dictating how it behaves, how it interacts with its  surroundings and by designing the universe it lives in.

In this episode we discuss how Olaf actually landed into the food  advertising industry, the lack of individuality between competing  brands, how to develop a culinary identity, the brilliance of Cheetos  advertising, what the crew eats when filming a food commercial, the  influence food ads have on shaping behavior, and much more!

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