Episode 13: Changing Your Narrative

Direction Not Perfection

Apr 5 2019 • 50 mins

You don’t have to work in the health and fitness field to have an effect on people’s lives.

Julie Lubbers, owner of Teal Gate Studios, is a portrait photographer. We have many of the same foundational beliefs. We need to change the narrative of our self-talk to be kinder and gentler to the one who looks back at us in the mirror every day. Giving ourselves more love, compassion and patience will overflow to other people who come into our lives. Julie’s passion is to “encourage women to be in the picture throughout their lives. Be there with your kids, be there with your significant other, be there with your friends, and ESPECIALLY be there for yourself! Let’s love ourselves more so we can send that love out into the world”!

She uses the lens of her camera to help women feel better about themselves. Utilizing lighting and posing techniques and offering fashion and makeup help, she can bring out the beauty and individuality of each person. Women often don’t want their pictures taken. They think they don’t look perfect, so they stay in the background. They don’t realize that they are writing themselves out of their family’s history. Existing in photographs is an exercise in learning to love and accept yourself so you can love and accept others.

-Comparison is the thief of joy. Keep your eyes on your own paper.

-Show up every day! You don’t have to show up like a pro, just show up.

-Suffer less. No one wants to suffer. Making small changes in the way you live your life can mean you suffer less and can feel happier, healthier and better equipped to be there for yourself and others.


Ask a close friend or family member to describe their favorite things about you!

Goal setting will always be part of your homework. Once a week write down your focus or goals for the week. Every Friday reassess them, tweak them or change them to fit your needs. It’s “Your journey, your way”.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TealGateStudio/

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Website: http://www.tealgatestudio.com

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