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Montel Weekly - market insights from people in the know. Montel Weekly is a podcast dedicated to energy news from markets in Europe and beyond. Every week we invite key industry experts to share insights and to discuss latest developments. Hosted by Richard Sverrisson. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker and Ben Bower.

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Keeping out the CO2 speculators
Keeping out the CO2 speculatorsRussia’s ruble stand-offPolicy meddling may curb Italy’s green boostUK fails to fix energy crisisContractual uncertaintiesPutin’s energy gambitEU’s energy conflictTackling the energy crisisTotal’s Russian tangleChoppy times for carbonNo end in sight to energy crisisUkraine crisis: A merit order of torture?GO bull run?Bursting the hydrogen bubbleNo plan B for FranceUkraine crisis stokes gas supply fearsEnergy Transition wobbleNordic energy crisis overblown?The Russia questionTip of the Eisberg