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Our Editor's Take

Lucy Wow is bursting with skills. She's the main character in the children's podcast Lucy Wow: STEM Stories for Kids Who Love Inventing. But more than that, Lucy's an inventor, builder, and dreamer. She's a driven 11-year-old with an obsession for asking, "What if?" Above all, Lucy continually persists. Her incessant perseverance makes this show great for kids excited about inventing.

Children may not be able to stop saying “wow” about each Lucy Wow: STEM Stories for Kids Who Love Inventing episode. Joining Lucy is Kapow, a mechanical pygmy goat. This fun little character helps Lucy with her epic projects. Oh, and music comes out of Kapow's butt!

Podcast listeners get to experience the many inventing journeys the duo undertakes. This feels even more lifelike thanks to the clever sound effects and music. The language is fun, too. How will Lucy deal with the flarshmarfler? What will happen in floozeville? Kids may find themselves giggling as much as they find themselves learning.

A talented team produces Lucy Wow: STEM Stories for Kids Who Love Inventing to life. GoKidGo also creates hit children's podcast shows like Bobby Wonder. Patrick Carman writes and directs the show. He is also a New York Times bestselling children's author. The podcast stars various incredible voices. Those include Michaela Dietz, Ian James Corlett, and Daniel Cohen. The group uses their collective skills for an entertaining, enjoyable kid's show.

Kids aged six and above can enjoy Lucy Wow: STEM Stories for Kids Who Love Inventing. The show has both STEM lessons and life lessons. Lucy and Kapow encounter obstacles but work to overcome them at the episode's end. There is always an inspirational message hidden among the fun, quirky narrative.

Lucy and Kapow (and sometimes Lucy's friends) are somewhere new each time. Will they build a molder under the sea? Can they finish the giant mechanical mole? Educational and entertaining, this show is for kids who love trying new things. New episodes of Lucy Wow: STEM Stories for Kids Who Love Inventing drop each week.

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