Ep. 128 - From Tulum to Oahu: Jonathan's Referee Adventures and Insider Tips

Puu Muay Thai Podcast

Aug 11 2023 • 21 mins

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In Episode 128 of the Pu'u Muay Thai Podcast, your host Jonathan Puu takes the spotlight. He shares his upcoming adventures as a referee, starting with an upcoming assignment in Tulum, Mexico for the thrilling Rumble in the Jungle event by WBC Muay Thai Mexico. The following weekend, he heads to Indiana for a highly anticipated women's fight between Tierra Brandt and Charlsey Manor. And just when you think the excitement is over, he wraps up his referee journey with an event in Hawaii on Oahu, which includes the Muay Thai business summit.

Additionally, Jonathan addresses listener-submitted questions on topics like handling headaches from sparring and fixing balance issues when throwing leg kicks.

Tune in to this episode for all the insider details, expert advice, and exciting updates from the world of Muay Thai!

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