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Industry insights with Bear Grillz: Navigating the music scene
Apr 11 2024
Industry insights with Bear Grillz: Navigating the music scene
Hang out with us as we kick back with the one and only Bear Grillz for round two on the podcast! This time, we're switching things up and getting down to the nitty-gritty of the music industry. If you've ever wondered how to get shows without a booking agent or wanted to learn how the industry works, this episode is for you! Submitted Questions: 7:34 - @MIKESH!FT: What are booking agents for and why dont most people book their own shows?9:29 - @Revctofficial: Any advice on how to start playing shows without a booking agent?21:23 - I Am The Astronaut (@lyfted_kid): Whats the best way to go about getting a manager?26:36 - @FROGGORE: What's changed the most in the industry since the beginning of Bear Grillz? Any advice for new comers on getting their tunes heard?30:08 - @EDMelephant: If he were to do it all over, would he go with the same name? Has using the name made marketing more difficult or easier?36:43 - @Consume_dubz: What is the idea behind Bad News Bears?44:32 - DjGrizzly (@ColeOlafson): Question would be as a non producing dj . How can I break into my local club scene?50:50 - @Lazersh0w: What are your guidelines/requirements when signing an artist to your label? What do you look out for most?54:27 - @Themadvillain: not a question but thank you for bringing sanzu to LA in may!54:51 - @Lazersh0w: Anything special planned for Basscamp fest in July?55:14 - Allen AJA DJ Buckethead (@htls69): If you could pick a new DAW to use what would it be?