Eye See You 🧿


Jan 25 2023 • 47 mins


7 64 Eye See You 🧿

Join us as we discuss seeing ourselves, light language, working through fear & the power that awaits you on the other side of the fear. You will hear Jerika, in live time, working through holding herself back from sharing a cosmic message and what it looks like when you fully surrender and let go. We step into the heart space - the center of our POWER - and feel the fire that was activated through the codes as we strive to connect to unity consciousness and oneness. In this episode, we are reminded we are all on this journey together to support one another in living our truth, no matter what that looks like 🌙✨

As you tune in, you will tap into our shared frequency through the activations spoken in our words. This is an invitation to reawaken.

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