Nov 30 2022 • 42 mins


6 61 Life is MAGIC & MIRACLES

Join us as we discuss how to make changes in your perspective to welcome and receive a life full of magic and miracles. We define shadow work, how to recognize and re-pattern old thoughts and outdated beliefs and patterns, share our healing journey of ancestral and generational trauma, reflect on our timeline shift, give tips on how to begin living an empowered life & how the concept of following the bread crumbs will lead you to the pie.

As always, this episode is raw, unfiltered, and unedited to maintain its honest true essence.

This episode is sponsored by Flow Space Wellness, a one stop shop for the mind + body + energy as it prioritizes the wellbeing of the future. You can explore the offerings at

As you tune in, you will tap into our shared frequency through the activations spoken in our words. This is an invitation to reawaken.

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