Follow Your Passion with Zookeeper Joey the Dream Achiever


Sep 28 2022 • 1 hr 26 mins


5 52 Follow Your Passion with Zookeeper Joey the Dream Achiever

Join us as we discuss how to manifest your dreams into reality. Joey shares personal experiences on how she re-wired her brain’s thought process, shares about mental health, how to combat self doubt, and live a life true to the self.

Joey H

Joey is an avid believer in manifesting your dreams. she is living out her dream as a zookeeper at claws and paws wild animal park. She moved her whole life to accomplish this. She is a self-researcher of mental health and all things psychological.

@joeyflowerss on Instagram

As you tune in, you will tap into our shared frequency through the activations spoken in our words. This is an invitation to reawaken.

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