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Preview of Bowling Green - In-Depth Analysis of Michigan’s Defense - September 13, 2023
Sep 13 2023
Preview of Bowling Green - In-Depth Analysis of Michigan’s Defense - September 13, 2023
Today, we provide a preview of Michigan's upcoming game against the Bowling Green Falcons, which be a night game at Michigan Stadium. Fans will get to see the new Stadium lights, while Michigan dons their all-blue uniforms. Bowling Green is a 40-point underdog in the game. With the new running clock in college football, this point spread seems quite large for Michigan to cover, despite the fact that the Wolverines should win the game easily.Michigan Wolverine Fans for 50 years - We can help with your Wolverines' obsession! We realize as fans that passion and emotions are important and that following Michigan sports is really a way of life. It is all around us like the air that we breathe. However, we need each other to keep our thoughts and opinions somewhat grounded in common sense. We are attempting to bring a fair and balanced approach to coverage of the Michigan Wolverines sports teams. We truly care and we are born and bred Michigan fans. We bleed Maize and Blue. We will to provide coverage and insights with some flair, but without a lot of hyperbole. We want to be honest, but we don't need to be overly cynical and critical. We realize that these athletes are real people, that they are young adults who make mistakes and that they have parents and families that love them. We want to be realistic and call things as we see them. We believe that we can do that without being sensationalistic and hurtful.