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This podcast is about the experiences of being self-employed, entrepreneurship and bootstrapping it. I have guests that join me, and we talk about business, mindset, law of attraction, spirituality, metaphysics and wellness. Also, it’s about connecting to our soul, unwind and chill. New episodes are released weekly, usually on Wednesdays. Visit our website at: https://8thlevelpodcast.com for more information, show notes and transcripts (when available). Thanks! Need help with coaching for your business or otherwise? Visit my business website at: https://bluelarimarcoach.com read less

Restore Peace Within by Letting Go of the Past Episode 67
May 17 2023
Restore Peace Within by Letting Go of the Past Episode 67
We must release the old to make space for the new, and this can be a difficult process, but it is necessary for growth and healing. An easy to follow actionable steps to start living the life you want today. Find peace and joy again. About your Host: Lourdes With my spiritual background, I combine my life-long experiences, intuitive abilities while using a variety of metaphysical methods in ancestral, shamanic, and Reiki energy that illuminates your  soul’s journey with a clear path to love and peace.  Intuitive Readings: My intuitive readings are designed to offer insight and guidance to those seeking answers. Using my intuitive abilities, I connect with the energies and messages of the ancient ancestors, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings to offer clarity and direction on your life path. During the reading, I will provide you with guidance and tools to help you navigate any challenges you may be facing and support you to make positive changes in your life. Remote Healing Sessions:  The healing sessions are weaved with restoring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. I infuse healing sessions by merging Reiki, shamanic practices such as energy healing, ancestral and intuitive metaphysical techniques to help you achieve holistic well-being. This helps release any blockages or negative energies and invite healing and transformation.  Currently, I am giving away one- free session (30-minute) to the first person who emails me at: Hi@bluelarimarcoach.com and in the subject line please put "30-minute free reading." I will reply back and let you know. Visit my guidance website at bluelarimarcoach.com Or learn more at: https://linktr.ee/lourdesigns