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Ch 5: Color Emotions (How to Select Your Brand Colors)
May 31 2024
Ch 5: Color Emotions (How to Select Your Brand Colors)
Welcome to Day Five (Chapter 5) of my new audiobook for Launch Your Platform! To grab a copy of the book, go to: PlatformGrowthBooks.comIn today's episode, we explore the importance of choosing the right brand colors to establish a strong visual identity. Discover how strategic color selection can differentiate your brand, evoke emotions, and attract your ideal audience.Key Points Discussed:Subway’s Transformation:The story of Subway’s rebranding in the early 2000s.How the shift to vibrant green and yellow increased sales and attracted health-conscious consumers.The impact of bold color choices on customer perception and brand differentiation.The Power of Color:Insights from designer Rebecca Swenson on how color shapes identity and influences branding.The psychological effects of colors and their role in branding.Color Psychology in Branding:How fast food chains like McDonald’s use red and yellow to stimulate appetite and convey happiness.Why B2B tech firms often choose blue and gray to signal professionalism and stability.Finding Your Brand’s True Colors:The importance of aligning your brand’s colors with its essence and desired emotional impact.Using color psychology guides to find the perfect palette that represents your brand values.Example: BigCommerce’s color psychology chart and its insights.Strategic Color Selection:Tips for researching competitor color palettes and finding your unique color niche.Case studies of successful color strategies from various brands.Practical Steps to Select Your Brand Colors:Choosing a primary color that anchors your visual identity.Selecting two to four complementary secondary colors to create a cohesive palette.Using tools like to generate and refine your color palette.Creating a Style Guide:The importance of documenting your color palette in a style guide for consistency across all branding materials.Tools like Google Docs and Canva Pro for creating and storing your style guide.Testing and Iterating:The process of testing your color choices and seeking feedback from your target audience.Being open to adjustments and iterations as your brand evolves.Resources Mentioned:BigCommerce Color Psychology - Color Palette GeneratorBrandColors.netFreeLogoDesign.orgSubscribe & Review: If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform. Your feedback helps us bring you more valuable content!Send us a Text Message.Implement the Blogging System that 40x My Online Business! Click here to get the training video
Ch 3: Personal Brand vs Private: Which Brand Type Should You Choose?
May 17 2024
Ch 3: Personal Brand vs Private: Which Brand Type Should You Choose?
Check out the Your Message Matters Book Series: https://PlatformGrowthBooks.comYou can find the new Launch Your Platform Workbook here: this episode of 'Your Message Matters,' hosted by Jonathan Milligan, author of the book series with the same name, listeners are taken through a detailed discussion on deciding between a personal and a private brand when launching a writing, coaching, or speaking business online. Milligan introduces his second book, 'Launch Your Platform,' designed as a step-by-step guide for building a brand, including aspects such as messaging, logos, and lead collection. He highlights the launch of a 90-page companion workbook aimed at setting up and optimizing one's platform in 21 days, available on Amazon. Chapter three of the book, which focuses on choosing the right brand type, is shared in depth, presenting advantages and disadvantages of personal and private brands through illustrative examples including PT Barnum and Brené Brown for personal brands, and Soichiro Honda for private brands. The chapter concludes with an exercise for listeners to decide their brand type by creating a T chart to compare the benefits of each brand type. Milligan encourages taking action based on one's goals and comfort level, offering the book and workbook as resources to aid in the process.00:00 Welcome to the Market: Your Message Show00:19 Diving Into 'Launch Your Platform'00:43 Introducing the Companion Workbook01:36 Chapter Three Overview: Choosing the Right Brand Type03:20 The Power of Personal Brands: Lessons from PT Barnum06:12 Pros and Cons of Personal vs. Private Brands11:39 Day Three Exercise: Deciding Your Brand Type12:56 Wrapping Up and Next StepsSend us a Text Message.Implement the Blogging System that 40x My Online Business! Click here to get the training video