Ch 4: How to Pick the Right Domain Name

The Market Your Message Show

May 24 2024 • 12 mins

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In this episode, you'll discover:

The importance of choosing the right domain name for your brand and online presence, with valuable tips for selecting a domain name that is simple, memorable, brandable, and scalable.

Henry Ford's decision to opt for a short and catchy name like Ford, emphasizing the power of simplicity in brand naming. The risks of rushing into a domain name decision without considering factors like memorability, uniqueness, brand alignment, and potential for growth.

Common mistakes to avoid when selecting a domain name, such as long or complicated names, obscure domain extensions, and neglecting trademark violations and social media usernames availability.

Key steps to follow in picking the right domain name, including selecting a short, simple, and memorable name, ensuring brandability and scalability for future growth, making it easy to pronounce and spell, avoiding trademark violations, and securing matching social media usernames for brand consistency.

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