Ch 3: Personal Brand vs Private: Which Brand Type Should You Choose?

The Market Your Message Show

May 17 2024 • 15 mins

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In this episode of 'Your Message Matters,' hosted by Jonathan Milligan, author of the book series with the same name, listeners are taken through a detailed discussion on deciding between a personal and a private brand when launching a writing, coaching, or speaking business online.

Milligan introduces his second book, 'Launch Your Platform,' designed as a step-by-step guide for building a brand, including aspects such as messaging, logos, and lead collection. He highlights the launch of a 90-page companion workbook aimed at setting up and optimizing one's platform in 21 days, available on Amazon.

Chapter three of the book, which focuses on choosing the right brand type, is shared in depth, presenting advantages and disadvantages of personal and private brands through illustrative examples including PT Barnum and Brené Brown for personal brands, and Soichiro Honda for private brands.

The chapter concludes with an exercise for listeners to decide their brand type by creating a T chart to compare the benefits of each brand type. Milligan encourages taking action based on one's goals and comfort level, offering the book and workbook as resources to aid in the process.

00:00 Welcome to the Market: Your Message Show
00:19 Diving Into 'Launch Your Platform'
00:43 Introducing the Companion Workbook
01:36 Chapter Three Overview: Choosing the Right Brand Type
03:20 The Power of Personal Brands: Lessons from PT Barnum
06:12 Pros and Cons of Personal vs. Private Brands
11:39 Day Three Exercise: Deciding Your Brand Type
12:56 Wrapping Up and Next Steps

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