Two Songs One Couple


A music podcast where a husband and wife swap songs and judge each other's taste in music.

With Friendo of the Pod Kris - Part 2 (i.e. I Like the Stank)With Friendo of the Pod Kris - Part 1 (i.e. It's a Grower Not a Shower)Heavy Guitar SnakeBut and ButtI Got My Hipster Butt Out ThereEndless Sea of Peters"Jazz Isn't Dead It Just Smells Funny"Fish with DishTop 5 Songs of 2021 (Surprise Butt Sax)Pinching Tuchus (Happy Hanukkah)Face Mouth Lips Butt Beard (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 4)Spicy Coffee (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 3)Fake Bagpipes (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 2)Our Perdcast (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 1)Two Spooky Songs - Happy Halloween!Baby Hater (A Tribute to The Beatles)It Feels So TightMoon June SpoonA Spermy PodcastWood on Wood