Two Songs One Couple


A music podcast where a husband and wife swap songs and judge each other's taste in music.
Face Mouth Lips Butt Beard (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 4)Spicy Coffee (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 3)Fake Bagpipes (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 2)Our Perdcast (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 1)Two Spooky Songs - Happy Halloween!Baby Hater (A Tribute to The Beatles)It Feels So TightMoon June SpoonA Spermy PodcastWood on WoodNot a Fan of BookeeThree Songs One Thruple (Part 1)Love Love Something Something (Happy Parents Day!)A Raisin in the BrainA Celebration of LifeEverything's a ToiletArtistic Ex-LaxLateralus Part 2Lateralus Part 1One Big Muscle