Episode #5 Inside the Toke Agency: Strategies, Systems, and Success in Cannabis Marketing

The Queen of Automation

Jun 10 2024 • 31 mins

In this episode, Lisa and Meghan delve into the innovative systems and processes they use to drive marketing and branding for their businesses. They offer insights into tools, workflow strategies, and the balance between automation and personalization. Lisa also shares her journey in the cannabis industry through her company, the Toke Agency.

Key Highlights:

1. Marketing Strategies & Systems:

- Lisa's company implements marketing strategies for clients, utilizing Engage Bay for marketing automation.

- WordPress for the website and Engage Bay for scheduling calls and newsletters.

- Monday.com is crucial for internal processes and Client Relationship Management (CRM), perfect for their boutique team.

2. Workflow and Automation:

- Detailed workflow from initial conversation, pitch deck creation, client review, to follow-up calls.

- Automated newsletter creation and scheduling through Engage Bay, sent twice a week.

3. Balancing Beliefs & Business:

- Importance of respecting individual beliefs without the need for arguments.

- Emphasis on each business's uniqueness and finding personalized growth strategies.

4. Entrepreneurial Flexibility:

- Meghan discusses her unconventional work schedule and the flexibility it brings.

5. Technology & Automation:

- Use of technology and automation to handle operations efficiently, freeing up more time for crucial tasks.

- Monday.com for internal communication and transparency.

- Slack and Airtable for project management.

- Loom and Loom AI for documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

6. The Toke Agency’s Evolution:

- Transition from general marketing to specializing in cannabis marketing.

- Growth and passion for the cannabis industry.

7. Balancing Work & Life:

- Discussion on work-life balance as entrepreneurs, highlighting the blend of life and work.

- Personal beliefs and experiences shaping individual business practices.

8. Personalized Engagement:

- Lisa's approach to managing client engagement personally, to maintain a personalized touch.

9. LinkedIn Presence & Branding:

- Lisa's active presence on LinkedIn and her fun, light branding for the Toke Agency.

- The Toke Agency as a model for working with other brands, emphasizing the importance of self-demo.

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