Episode #7 Life Beyond the Hustle: Josh McLean's Finance and Personal Story

The Queen of Automation

Jun 24 2024 • 40 mins

In this episode, Josh McLean shares his transformative journey from a troubled childhood to a successful career in finance and the pivotal moments that shaped his personal and professional life. He delves into the intricacies of digital transformation in the finance sector, the importance of compliance and security, and the impact of setting personal boundaries for a balanced life.

Key Topics:

1. Josh McLean’s Background

- Josh's troubled childhood and pathways into finance.

- The life-changing car accident in 2012 that led to reevaluating his life goals.

2. Finance Digital Transformation

- Josh’s experience in digital transformation projects across healthcare, education, and Nike.

- Focus on Azure methodology, agile software development, and simplifying infrastructure for consumer interaction.

- Significance of investment in digital transformation for companies.

3. Compliance and Security

- Importance of multi-layered authentication and compliance processes, especially for platforms like Stripe.

- Essential nature of security measures for protecting data and money.

- Discussion on authentication fatigue, particularly affecting older individuals.

5. Personal Transformation and Work-Life Balance

- Josh’s reflections on his personal journey and breakthrough from the rigid finance world.

- Setting clear boundaries for a healthy work-life balance.

- Understanding the importance of core values and bringing one's authentic self to work.

- Meghan and Josh discuss the dangers of the hustle culture and the necessity of personal fulfillment.

4. Corporate Experience and Personal Growth

- Corporate experiences offering valuable learning opportunities.

- The balance between corporate success and personal well-being.

- Influences from "The Five Regrets of the Dying" on Josh’s perspective.

- How some companies support personal growth, employee engagement, and culture.

5. Nike’s Digital Transformation

- Josh’s role in supporting Nike’s digital space and e-commerce advancements.

- The family perks influencing Josh's decision to stay with the company.

6. Closing Remarks

- Josh mentions his book "Catalyst" as a gift for his children.

- Listeners are directed to Josh's website (catalystignite.com) and his LinkedIn profile.

- Final thoughts on technology's role and a reminder that it’s only good when it works.

- Josh expresses his gratitude and signs off.


Resources Mentioned:

- Book: "Catalyst" by Josh McLean

- Website: [catalystignite.com](http://catalystignite.com)

- LinkedIn [Josh McLean on LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com)