Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Feb 22 2023 • 52 mins

Texas State Weightlifting Champion, Former Gymnast Rebecca Rouse is a true master in her craft- teaching mental and physical strength through functional fitness.
Through the 2020-2022 era Rebecca and her US Marine Corps husband created and now has 16 Signature Programs online and has now created a whole Cadre of excellent coaches for the company.

What I love about watching Rebecca’s content is that she walks her talk and unlike so many (both males and females) is not there to flaunt her body shape but to teach and show her knowledge and experience to others.

We talked about a multitude of things from Sleep, Nutrition and Hydration to Cold Water Immersion, Coffee, Recovery and Preventive Rehab.

We even talked about such human experts like Christian Thibadeau, DrAndrew Huberman, Jocko Willink and Dr Kirk Parsley that we have both learned such wisdom from.

A true expert in her field, it was a pleasure to speak with a likeminded athlete who is as passionate about her learning as I am.

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