"Body Knows Best” The Ugly Truth Behind Testosterone Boosters Shaun Sargent- Co-founder of STAIT www.mystait.com

Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Jan 22 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

I had a great sit down with Shaun Co-founder of STAIT and we talked about all things Body, Hormones, Beer, Gut Health and his chance meeting with a PhD Scientist whose expertise and research was in the field of the age related testosterone decline we currently see in the world, and what could be done to arrest this decline


And with that- STAIT ( formerly BE SPUNKI) was born- for no other use than for Shaun to continue to improve his health, youth and manliness.

Writing frantically as we spoke- I have 2 pages of show notes , but I honestly think you’re far better off without the spoiler alert, and just strap in and enjoy the knowledge bombs he drops on all things male and female hormones, history of health, and what STAIT is doing to reverse this- naturally by affecting Insulin, Cortisol and Sex Hormones.

We spoke about former guests on the show- Hormone and Sleep Dr Kirk Parsley http://store.docparsley.com/?afmc=eatwellmovewell, PCOS warrior Maranda Ratcliff, and Gut and Hormone Practitioner Jess Wilson- www.jesswilson.com

A truly inspirational guest, I am sure you will love what he has to share.

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