Sean Sako- Sugar Sustains your hunger- LYCRA DOESN’T LIE - Life as a Full Time Carnivore based Endurance Cyclist

Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Apr 28 2023 • 1 hr 22 mins

One thing you cannot say about Sean is he is short of ENERGY!!

In fact it was a search for energy and the truth about human nutrition that started his amazing journey -from a carbohydrate supplement owner who later identified the link between insulin and cancer post the passing of his late father -  to a carnivore diet eating Full Time Endurance Cyclist.

Sean will be 51 years in September and walks his talk, and backed up by science from such amazing scientists and doctors like Professor Tim Noakes, Dr Shaun Baker, Dr Andrew Huberman and Dr Anthony Chaffee to name a few.

Now an ambassador of the Noakes Foundation, he has championed the cause of exposing the myth that you require carbs to fuel your rides or for fuel in general - Sean is sharing his amazing knowledge and journey with others.

With quotes like- “sugar sustains your hunger” and “Lycra doesn’t lie” to his story of cycling 253 kilometres on just salt and water, pushing the boundaries of human energy, he is a true inspiration.

Strap in, because listening to him is quite the blast - thank you Sean for the great conversation, and I hope you the viewers and listeners enjoy it as much as I did.

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