Episode 11: The Shining (We're Back!/Weekend Double Feature Pt. 1)

Thrillers, Chillers, & Chicks

Oct 11 2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

Boo!  We aren't dead and we're back with a content filled October to celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast! We know we've been gone for a while but we've missed you and can't wait to bring you guys more content!

This week, the chicks kick off October by discussing the acclaimed classic The Shining (dir. Stanley Kubrick)! Does the movie live up to the hype or does it fall flat in this day in age? What is it with Jack Nicholson's face? And what's the deal with film adaptations and their source material? Listen to find out!

Intro/Outro: Something Wicked by Ross Bugden

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