Sportsmanlike Conduct

Dez Clark, Paul “Fresh” Clark, & Lester “Scutter” Davis

The goal of this show is to bring you into the locker room. Being a current player I have the ability to do that. When my playing days are over I will continue to leverage my relationships to bring you inside the locker room. We will speak on prevalent sports stories of the week no matter the sport. My co-hosts are just fans, not journalists or anything of that nature, although we ill have sports journalists join the show from time to time. They are instructed to share their true feelings about whatever subject matter from a fans point of view (tell it like it is). This will be in contrast to my point of view from the locker room or speaking from an athlete’s point of view. Sportsmanlike Conduct is a fresh entertaining show that focuses on the NFL and NCAA football. Baseball, basketball, golf and any other sports related stories will also be debated and discussed. read less