Creating a Playful and Purposeful Workplace

Why Play Works.

Jun 12 2023 • 46 mins

What is the point of play? Is it just acting like a child at work?

Nicole has grown children's brands, Ella's Kitchen and worked at informal creative agencies, and also in corporate environments.

She has identified over the course of her career 10 key qualities that make up a child's lens on business framework that Nicole shares in detail in this episode.

Nicole believes the whole point of play is to have no point. It is not frivolous. It is a vehicle for connection that can have important benefits for employers including staff retention through greater relationships, willingness to collaborate, general wellbeing and happiness and ultimately better results flow from it.

“Play is like magic tea!” Nicole extols.

But it is NOT just having playful games to be done between the doldrums of work. In this episode explore the definition of play and its deeper meaning beyond just fun in the workplace and the results it will bring.

Discussion highlights:

  • The role of play in creating connections and fostering better communication
  • The benefits of incorporating playfulness in both personal and professional settings
  • Overcoming barriers to play in corporate environment
  • Applying a child's lens to business brings qualities such as confidence, creativity, resilience, and collaboration.

Key things to consider

  • Creating a culture that encourages creativity and innovation can have a transformative effect on an organization.
  • Playfulness has to be embedded in the culture. It should be integrated into the culture of an organization rather than treated as a separate activity.
  • Having playful areas at work to use between work is not being playful at work
  • To be playful at work and access your playful side, look through the eyes of a child
  • A positive and inclusive organizational culture should encourage creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • A supportive culture can significantly impact employee engagement, productivity, and overall company success