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Why Play Works.

May 29 2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

Ace thinks play is wonderful. He sees it as explorative and unstructured, where we scan the world in which we exist and see all of the opportunities to push, prod, dig and learn.

Scott thinks play is annoying and that playfulness is where it’s at.

Despite disagreeing on these fundamentals Scott and Ace work together at Envoy providing executive guidance; supporting partnership negotiations; facilitating leadership retreats; guiding strategic planning; and mediating conflict.

They teach these disciplines through talks, workshops, and executive programs.

In this episode, we delve into the power of building momentum and playfulness (or play) in the way we work work. Our guests share experiences and thoughts on how intentional and regular doses of play and laughter can transform our approach to challenges and create a positive environment where different kinds of conversations can emerge.

Their work involves building partnerships and exploring the intersection of technology, behavioral economics, and psychology. While Scott and Ace are experts in handling tough conversations they bring a lightness and playfulness to the way they do it  - they take the work seriously but not themselves.

Discussion Highlights:

  • When a stickman starts doing the YMCA dance during a serious tech demonstration, highlighting the inherent joy of playfulness.
  • The impact of intentional play in loosening people up and facilitating discussions about opportunities, risks, and privacy in partnership contexts.
  • The importance of consistently nurturing playfulness rather than resorting to it as a last-ditch effort.
  • The value of momentum and creating space for play in our lives, allowing us to tap into it when needed most.
  • How play and playfulness can be a great way to shift energy

Things to consider

  • Is being skeptical about play at work just being a curmudgeonly bastard?
  • Where do you find flow most often?
  • When you are using your energy to deal with serious issues you don’t have the energy to take yourself seriously.
  • Building momentum and intentionally incorporating playfulness into our lives creates a reservoir of joy and resilience that we can tap into when facing challenges.
  • Play is not a desperate last resort; it's a powerful tool that should be nurtured regularly to enhance creativity, problem-solving, and overall well-being


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