Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Pubcast 380 - FOBAB Beers and Volunteers

The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

Mar 10 2023 • 0 seconds

We return to the pub for this show and welcome an illustrious panel of FOBAB volunteers and brewers, who all bring past FOBAB winner beers. This show was suggested by long-time volunteer, Kevin Herbst, and he is joined by Ken McMullen from Hopvine Brewing, John Bittermann, and co-owner of Art History Brewing, Tom Rau, plus your host Phil 'The Brit' Clark. We find out why the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild relies heavily on volunteer help to ensure the festival is a success, plus how you can sign up and help out in the future, and of course a dollop of the usual pub chat. There are 6 brews to sample, and we find out which one is the preference of each of the panel. This is a bumper edition so it's a 'travel to work' and a 'travel home' listen. Cheers!