Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Pubcast 382-Saisons, Saisons, Saisons! Mike Thorpe of Afterthought Brewing

The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

Mar 24 2023 • 0 seconds

It's a long overdue visit to the Lombard taproom, and a chat with Afterthought Brewing's owner/brewer, Mike Thorpe. Mike's passion for the saison style is front and center in the award-winning ales he produces, and The Brit and co-host Ken McMullen, get to taste some of his best examples. If you can't visit Belgian, then head to Afterthought where you can try some of the most simple to most complex saisons this side of the Atlantic! It was a little 'echoey' in the taproom, but hopefully it won't detract too much from the conversation. Santé!