Reflecting on Gratitude and Perspective With Chris Schembra

Access To Anyone with Michael Roderick

Sep 15 2022 • 53 mins

Chris Schembra is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Gratitude Through Hard Times and Gratitude and Pasta. He is a philosopher, question asker, and facilitator — and USA Today calls him the “Gratitude Guru.” He has sparked over 500,000 relationships through his workshops and his experiences. Chris is the Founder of 7:47, where he helps strengthen client and team relationships in profound ways through an evidence-based framework. He is on the executive board for Fast Company, a founding member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, and is part owner of Hilton Head Performance Group and Schembra Real Estate Group, Inc.

He was the Producing Partner for OHenry Productions, a Mentor for Techstars, and a Producer for MNA Productions. Chris was the Founder of Schembra Productions, LLC, the Director of Adventure Therapy for Tulifinny Preserve of the Lowcountry, and he was a Master Boat Captain outside the Hilton Head Islands.

In this episode…

When something bad happens in your life, it can be easy to fall into feelings of demotivation and become stagnant. How can you find the positive benefits in a negative experience? Is it possible to find gratitude after a setback?

Chris Schembra helps others realize the moments of greatest learning come from times of adversity. Science shows that when you build and engage in artistic energy you can find positive growth and benefits. Chris knows it is easy to fall subject to imposter syndrome, but cultivating a sense of gratitude with yourself is a powerful tool.

On this episode of Access To Anyone, Michael Roderick sits down with Chris Schembra, Wall Street Journal best-selling author and Founder of 7:47, to discuss positive psychology beyond attitudes and perspective. Chris talks about his personal experience of handling self-doubt, why communication can cultivate deeper connections, and how a grateful perspective has positive effects.