#369: Arctic Circle (Season 1)

Real Crime Profile

Mar 30 2022 • 33 mins

When is the last time you watched a really good Nordy Noir set in some frozen tundra? Well, never fear, we are going to take you along with us to Finnish Lapland to meet Officer Nina Kautsalo, who is trying to figure out why young Russian women are being murdered in her tiny village of Ivalo bordering the Arctic Circle. Are they being sex trafficked? And is something even more terrifying afoot? Nina has a lot on her hands, she's a single mom to beautiful 6 year old Venla, she's trying to keep her ailing mother and rebellious sister safe -- plus she's a hard working cop smarter than her superiors. You will love the characters, layered story line and the fact that most of the show is spoken in English. (Speaking of layers! Lisa is loving the sweaters in this series.) Season one of Arctic Circle is available on https://www.topic.com OR on Amazon Prime with a free trial of the Topic streaming platform. Criminally good tv and film from around the world!








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