#363: The Missing Children of Tuam - Part 1

Real Crime Profile

Mar 9 2022 • 33 mins

It is the stuff that gothic horror movies are made of, but instead of fiction, the story of the missing children of Tuam, Ireland, is tragically real. Using the framework of the stunning documentary streaming now on the Topic platform, “The Missing Children”, Laura, Jim and Lisa analyze this case that involves multiple layers of treachery, abuse and as Laura says “evil”. If 796 children went missing in your town, there would be an uproar. If year after year, 30 to 40 babies died in the care of those who were responsible for their well being your community would demand answers. So why did no one question this when it happened to these particular children. Your blood will boil when you hear the answers.

We dedicate this podcast series to International Women's Day 2022 to honor all the women and children victims and survivors. We have a long way to go.












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