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My Pleasure

Esther Povitsky

Welcome to MY PLEASURE. Listen every Thursday for the latest hot girl homework, taste of the week and top 5-ish from Esther Povitsky.

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Our Editor's Take

The My Pleasure podcast offers an insight into the thoughts of Esther Povitsky. Listeners may know "Little Esther" from cocreating Alone Together or for starring in Dollface. What started as a podcast with her longtime friend Carlos Herrera led to this solo series in 2022.

From the start, Esther explains that she doesn't have a plan for My Pleasure but is happy to figure it out along the way. She wants listeners to feel like they are enjoying an hour-long call with someone they know. Each episode feels casual and conversational. Esther talks about encouraging others to embrace what's on their mind. She wants to explore ideas of creativity and personal fulfillment. With self-care in mind, she shares guidance via "hot girl homework assignments."

With no fixed content roadmap for the podcast, topics can be random but always feel relevant. In "copy me, copying bella hadid," Esther talks about her love for the icon Cher. She believes the singer has always stayed true to herself. Yet at the same time, she's creative with her fashion and remains current. In the same episode, Esther discusses dairy and gives a cottage cheese update for listeners. Like every episode, it follows a monologue of thoughts that move from topic to topic.

In "ugly girl syndrome," a writer for the TV show Tiny Nuts joins the podcast. Esther introduces Caroline Goldfarb as the owner of her life, or like an old soft blanket. They cohosted the podcast Glowing Up together. Caroline talks about growing up with her Persian mom and her relationship with food. They also discuss fears around asking for help and making emotional connections.

My Pleasure is a weekly conversation with Esther exploring life in a busy city. Her community, known as the "Esther club," is paramount to the podcast, so she always talks with candor. She discusses mental health, acknowledging that it's hard to feel positive all of the time. Each episode is unpredictable, with a chat on everything from Lana Del Rey to one's happy place.

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