Danny Meyer’s Restaurant Closures; Biotech Bets on Anti-Aging; Elon Musk’s $11B Fair Share

Squawk Pod

Dec 22 2021 • 38 mins

In light of rising Covid-19 cases in New York, restaurateur Danny Meyer has made the call to temporarily close a number of establishments owned by his company, Union Square Hospitality Group. Meyer discusses a new vaccination policy that he hopes will help keep staff and patrons safe. As founder of Shake Shack, Meyer also weighs in on the french fry shortage, as well as the superior fry shape. Biotechs aiming to increase our lifespans and reverse aging-related diseases have garnered billions from interested--and high profile--backers in tech. Co-founder and CEO of Cambrian Biopharma James Peyer discusses “longevity biotech,” preventing Alzheimer’s at the cellular level, the causes of hair loss, and how much red wine is enough red wine. Plus, Elon Musk wants credit for paying his taxes, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is drumming up passion among her supporters (again), and supply chain issues are hitting everything from at-home Covid tests to french fries and the toy shelves.

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