Dispatches: The Podcast of the Journal of the American Revolution


Welcome to Dispatches: The Podcast of the Journal of the American Revolution. Each week Dispatches features interviews highlighting the latest in scholarship, news, and opinions regarding the American Revolutionary Era. For more information visit www.allthingsliberty.com
E143: James M. Smith: How American Declared Its RightsE142: Richard J. Werther: George Washington and the First Mandatory ImmunizationE141: Rand Mirante: John Marshall and Mercy Otis Warren Remember Benedict ArnoldE140: The Yorktown Tragedy: Washington‘s Slave RoundupE139: David M. Griffin: The Brooklyn Line FortsE138: Patrick H. Hannum: The Meeting of the Three CommandersE137: Michael C. Harris and Gary Ecelbarger: Washington’s Troop Strength During the Philadelphia CampaignE136: Justin McHenry: The Varick TranscriptsE135: David Price: Thomas Knowlton’s RevolutionE134: Jonathan Curran: Public Opinion of the Whiskey RebellionE133: Dean Snow: Continental and Militia Cavalry ComparedE132: Chris Coelho: Timothy Matlack, Scribe of the Declaration of IndependenceE131: John A. Ruddiman: James Monroe’s RevolutionE130: Jordan Baker: The Cherokee-American WarE129: James D.R. Philips: Two Revolutions and the ConstitutionE128: Edna Gabler: The Silence of Slavery in Revolutionary War ArtE127:Lafayette's Plan to Invade IrelandE126: Norman Desmarais: The Gazette FrancoiseE125: Bill Bleyer: George Washington’s Culper Spy RingE124: Haimo Li: Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of the Constitution