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003: The Fundamentals + One thing we can do for each.
Oct 31 2022
003: The Fundamentals + One thing we can do for each.
Quick chat about perfectionism and my exeperience with it in getting this podcast out there. (01:00)The 4 Fundamentals and how our mind & body are linked through physiology and psychology.. (02:15)Fundie #1: Dial in our nutrition (04:30)Nutrition is not a one-size fits all approach, there's preference, culture, likes, reactions to certain foods to be aware of (07:15)Nutrition ACTION - What gets measured gets improved.. take a few days to note down what you're eating/drinking (08:05)STUDY 1 on omega 3 and depression STUDY 2 Fundie #2: Movement (08:30)Moving my body was one of the best things I could to help me when I was really struggling (09:00)Below 6k steps per day we are 30-50% more likely to experience depressive symptoms (10:15)Steps StudyMovement ACTION - Wake up and move outside.. (11:00)Fundie #3: Sleep (11:40)We sleep on average Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage is like a mental health first aid kit (13:00)Truth be told if we're carrying too much body fat we are not healthy.. (15:45)Sleep ACTION - Wake up and move outside.. (yep the same as the movement) (16:15)Fundie #4: Breathing (17:20)Oxygen = fuel for our mitochondria = energy for our mind and body.. (17:45)In the eastern philosophy and culture they emphasise correct breathing early on in a person life.. we don't in the west. (18:45)Functional breathing = nasal, into the belly (diaphragmatic), smooth, slow, silent and circular.. (19:45)Higher Co2 Tolerance allows us to oxygenate better and feel less anxious. (22:15)The first place to look if you're feeling off, feeling stuck are your fundamentals...(24:25)Remember you have power to control the majority of your fundamentals, you are not the anxiety your experience, you are not your body, you're more than that... (26:00)Please, share, rate and review if this resonated!It massively helps me help more people...Book in a FREE 15 minute chat with me here.. for the Re:Vitalize Coaching Programme Here: out some more content here: