002: Inside an Anxious Mind

The Anxiety Coach Podcast

Oct 25 2022 • 26 mins

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Chat about inside the mind of an anxiety sufferer, essentially me chatting about the thoughts that went through my mind and others that I speak to...

Intro (01:00)

A morning in the life of anxiety.. (02:30)

An example of a social anxiety struggle.. (05:05)

May just have a general sense of anxiety within the world (08:40)

Our subconscious creates these scenarios based on a bodily feeling.. (10:30)

Those thoughts are not us.. are you living an anxiety identity? (14:08)

We seek external means of recovery, these help but can be distractions.. (14:30)

The boomerang analogy (17:00)

Awareness exercise (19:00)

Outro (26:00)

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