008: Slow the F down..

The Anxiety Coach Podcast

Dec 23 2022 • 10 mins

In this episode I talk about a tool, a habit which helps you respond in the moment to anxiety and emotions ..

So often we're running at a million miles an hour especially in the modern world and when we have anxious thoughts.

This tool comes under the bracket of physiological responding where we actively slow down our speech, movement, driving, breathing and in turn, signal to our nervous system that there is no threat!

Because there usually really isn't, it's learnt patterns from the past.

Action plan..

Week 1: Become aware of your speed throughout the day and actively note when and where you're speed may get faster or more erratic..

Week 2: Actively slow your speed down in those moments by 50-70%

Let me know how you get on what it..

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