006: How To Make Change and Keep Change

The Anxiety Coach Podcast

Dec 2 2022 • 12 mins

How to Make Change and Keep Change

How often do you go through the cycle of start, stop, start stop... Only to fall off track a few days/weeks later?

It doesn't have to always be this way.

We have a few options:
1. Hitting rock bottom can be a powerful place to make change from.
2. Be inspired from others who have been in a similar position..

B.J. FOGG Behaviour equation to help us implement and keep habits:

Behaviour (B) = Motivation (M) x Ability (A) x Prompt (P).

We've gotta develop that WHY (M), make it as easy as possible (A) and create something to trigger our minds to implement this new change (P)

Getting support from friends, family, a professional can be super helpful in starting and sticking to change!

Have an awesome week legends.

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