267: Fermenting with Quince | A Panel Discussion w/Makers

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Apr 7 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Fermenting with Quince

Was Aphrodite’s Forbidden Fruit a quince or the apple? She's not talking, but cidermakers are in this panel discussion on “Fermenting with Quince” that was recorded for CiderCon2021.

Quince a.k.a. Cydonia oblonga is the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae. Quince is a ‘pomme’ fruit with the likes of apples, pears, and medlars. This golden Pomme is having a renaissance of sorts with makers partly due to it aromatic qualities and tannins.

Kim Hamblin and Dan Rinke of Art + Science in Oregon, Steve Selin of South Hill Cider in New York and UK makers Martin Berkley of Pilton’s Cider and James Forbes of Little Pomona will discuss fermenting with Quince for this panel discussion that was moderated by Ria Windcaller of Cider Chat.

The Fermenting with Quince questions

    1. What inspired you to ferment with quince and how long have you fermenting with quince?
    2. How do you source your quince?
    3. Quince varieties used - not unusual for makers to use unknown varieties.
    4. Quince product(s) and how it is made. What is the ABV? Tasting notes: or what should we expect.
    5. Maker Techniques for instance, 100% or blended into cider

Fermenting with Quince Order of Speakers

Art + Science | Oregon

South Hill Cider | New York

Pilton Cider | Somerset/UK

Little Pomona | Hertfordshire/UK

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