8:06 Southern Comfort

Devil's Trap: A Supernatural Podcast

Feb 15 2024 • 1 hr 16 mins

Liz's Show Notes

We talk SPN Season 8, Episode 6 "Southern Comfort" which left a better taste in our mouth than a shot of the actual Southern Comfort. We love Garth. We hate the Benny problem. Liz tells Diana about the haunting of the Ebheardt's farm in Kearney, Missouri where this episode takes place.

The AI Show Notes


In this episode, the Devil's Trap Podcast hosts discuss season 8, episode 6 of Supernatural, titled 'Southern Comfort.' They start by sharing their own Southern Comfort stories and then delve into the investigation of a case involving decapitations and green goo. They also explore the dynamics between the characters and the role of Garth as the new Bobby. The episode ends with the discovery of a desecrated grave and the plan to burn the remains. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss the events of the episode, including burning a Confederate soldier's bones, drama at the sheriff's office, investigating the unknown soldier, Dean being possessed, a haunted farm in Kearney, and the Ebbhart family's haunting. They also mention the Dead Files investigation and the resolution and continued activity at the haunted locations. In this episode, Sam opens up about his past relationship with Amelia and expresses his concerns about Dean's secrets. The conversation also includes a quick cast roundup and final thoughts on the episode.


  • The episode explores the theme of trust and secrecy among the characters, particularly Dean's hidden relationship with Benny and Sam's resentment towards it.
  • Garth's role as the new Bobby is highlighted, showcasing his dedication to helping other hunters and his unique approach to hunting.
  • The investigation of the case leads to the discovery of a desecrated grave, hinting at a vengeful ghost or specter as the culprit.
  • The episode also touches on the history of Missouri and its connection to the Civil War, adding depth to the setting and the characters' motivations. Burning bones can be a way to deal with restless spirits.
  • Sheriffs in small southern towns can be difficult to deal with.
  • Investigating unknown soldiers can lead to unexpected discoveries.
  • Possession can lead to conflicts and unresolved issues.
  • Haunted farms can be a source of ongoing paranormal activity.
  • The Dead Files can provide assistance and guidance in dealing with hauntings.
  • Resolution of paranormal activity may require multiple steps and ongoing efforts. Sam's sensitivity and willingness to open up about his emotions
  • The importance of honesty and trust in relationships
  • The complexity of Dean's character and the secrets he keeps
  • The significance of communication and addressing issues in a timely manner



Introduction and Southern Comfort Story


Investigating the Case


Garth as the New Bobby


Ectoplasm and the History of Missouri


Discovering the Connection to Sussex


Sam's Conversation with Amelia


Investigating the Desecrated Grave


Burning Confederate Soldier's Bones


Sheriff's Office Drama


Investigating the Unknown Soldier


Dean Possessed


Confrontation at the Motel


Haunted Farm in Kearney


The Ebbhart Family's Haunting


Dead Files Investigation


Increasing Activity and Disturbing Events


The Dead Files Action Plan


Resolution and Continued Activity


Sam's Flashback and Opening Up About Amelia


Sam's Concerns About Benny and Dean's Secrets


Quick Cast Roundup and Final...

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