7:05 Shut Up Dr. Phil

Devil's Trap: A Supernatural Podcast

Aug 17 2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

Just continuing to let AI write very confusing show notes:

The podcast hosts Diana and Liz discussed season 7 episode 5 of a fictional show apparently featuring a character named Dr. Phil, who is not a real doctor. The writing duo Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Lemming returned for the first time since episode 13 of the first season. Themes of witches, Leviathans, and Dean's ongoing guilt were explored in the episode under review. A woman's death in a hair salon and a man's death in a hot tub were debated as the most suspicious accidents. They also mentioned a Leviathan named Chet who enjoys nacho cheese and Bobby who identified an old Romanian coin related to witchery cases.

Join us as we delve into thrilling conspiracies and mysteries in our latest podcast episode. With intrigue around every corner, our hosts discuss potential world-spanning criminal activities hidden beneath innocuous construction sites, and unveil a potentially sinister plot involving characters like Don and Jenny. Stay tuned for a suspense-filled journey as we seek the truth and justice, urging listeners to remain vigilant, safe, and engaged in our weekly investigations.

Seriously enjoy this kind of crossover episode and see how well you know how the actors from the Whedonverse (well Buffy and Angel) and SPN.

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