The Seven Most Common Mistakes of Non-Fiction Authors … and How to Avoid Them with Bryan Collins - #125 The Indy Author Podcast

The Indy Author Podcast

Mar 22 2022 • 40 mins

Bryan Collins discusses THE SEVEN MOST COMMON MISTAKES OF NON-FICTION AUTHORS … AND HOW TO AVOID THEM. He talks about writing different things at once ... not organizing the ideas ... waiting for passion or inspiration to strike ... writing only on the weekends ... writing and editing at the same time ... believing that working harder will make it happen ... and waiting until it's perfect

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After attempts at careers as a journalist and short story writer, Bryan Collins spent a year as a stay-at-home dad. Broke, lacking self-belief and feeling a lack of purpose, Bryan decided to go back into writing, but this time focused on learning skills like copywriting and content marketing. He launched ‘Become a Writer Today’ which has racked up millions of views, and has written for LIFEHACKER, FASTCOMPANY, COPYBLOGGER, and FORBES. He’s a podcaster and the author THE ART OF WRITING A NON-FICTION BOOK, THE POWER OF CREATIVITY, and YES, YOU CAN WRITE.

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