The Importance of a Professional Photo and Video Presence with Wade Walton - #153

The Indy Author Podcast

Sep 27 2022 • 48 mins

Wade Walton discusses THE IMPORTANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO AND VIDEO PRESENCE. He talks about matching your background to your message; being aware of your video persona; telling a story with your headshot; letting your personality shine through; the costs and benefits of hiring a pro, and ways to make it affordable; and how often to update your headshot.

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Wade Walton is grateful to spend his life working in creative spaces (and not starving while doing so). As a video, film, and multi-media Executive Producer and Director for various national television and global companies, Wade has written, produced, and delivered over 10,000 productions that have reached tens of millions of viewers. Wade’s love of the outdoors informs all of his creative work, and particularly his photography, which has appeared in galleries around southeast Pennsylvania, as well as in his photography book, “Sunshine and Shadow.”

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